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Lady Gaga Poster

You know, it hadn’t occurred to me until recently that the person behind an infamous piece of Lady Gaga fan art (which Ms. Gaga posted on her Twitter) was none other than Yamino of Sister Claire (reviewed here)! The poster, by the way, is available for purchase at TopatoCo, so if you’re either a Little Monster or a little Sister Claire fan, you might want this hanging on your bedroom/door/rec room wall.


The Webcomic Overlook #72: Sister Claire


Scott Kurtz recounted an unforgettable anecdote on one of Halfpixel’s Webcomic Weekly podcasts. I’m not sure which one, and I’m not going to waste my time trying to dig it up just to post a link here (says the guy who’s been updating Comixpedia like a dog on crack the last couple of days). A webcomic creator solicited Scott’s advice. She gave a barebones explanation of her concept: it was to be a story about a pregnant nun. Mssr. Kurtz thought it was a cool idea at first, and he had a few suggestions lined up about how to run with the story. The creator, though, elaborated that the nun would give birth to a robot which the nun would then ride. At that point, Kurtz, exasperated, admitted that he was at a loss as to what to suggest.

I, on the other hand, had a different reaction. It sounded more like: “Hell with you, Kurtz! That sounds like an awesome story!” Incidentally, I’m also the guy who used to own a nifty PVC of the title character in American McGee’s Alice.

OK, so the premise sounds a bit tacky, and I can think of at least 70 different ways where such a story could go off the rails… and, frankly, I was betting on it. However, the concept is, at the very least, intriguing. I vowed that if I ever found that comic, it would be treated to a full-length review here at the hallowed halls of The Webcomic Overlook.

Well, there are rumors on the net that comic in question is none other than Sister Claire, whose tagline is “Pregnant Nun? Holy crap!” It’s written and illustrated by a creator who goes by “Yamino.” While I found no evidence of the mecha-baby, I admit that the comic is still quite new. Perhaps Yamino hadn’t gotten around to it yet … or perhaps she’d decided to go in a different direction.

Anyway, cyber-tot or not, I gotta say there’s plenty of other weirdness to be found in these pages. The question, of course, is whether or not it’s going to be worth your while. Will you, dear reader, see a pregnant nun and cuss like a sailor like that tagline suggests?

Sister Claire 1
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