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Break out the “Scott McCloud Was Right” shirts…

… because the day of the micropayments is here.


Looking back at Scott McCloud’s ten webcomic tips


As a change of pace, I thought it would be nice to take a look at something written about webcomics but one of sequential art’s most influential voices: Scott McCloud.

McCloud’s thoughts on webcomics, which were written nine years ago, often get a bad rep because he was wrong on the micropayments issue. (Chief antagonist: Scott Kurtz, unsurprisingly.) That’s unfair; no one can really predict which economic model eventually succeeds over the other, since it’s the market (e.g., the audience) that ultimately decides what or what doesn’t work. I seem to remember experts laughing at Apple for offering songs at $0.99 when you can get them on Kazaa for free. Yet Steve Jobs is out there, laughing himself all the way to the bank on his iTunes money.

Micropayments, though, aren’t the only thing McCloud wrote about. He also compiled a list, perhaps overly optimistic, of where he would like to see webcomics as a field transcend to in the future. His ten tips were encapsulated in comic form within the panels of I Can’t Stop Thinking! #3.

Do they still hold up today? Or has time and the demands of the readers proved him wrong?
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