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El Santo is on The Dish! … and more.

The folks at the Comic Dish podcast were kind enough to invite me in for an interview yesterday. However, for whatever reason, two of the normally three man crew didn’t show up, and the whole episode ended up being just Shayne and myself. Which was still pretty cool. We ended up reviewing The Warehouse manga, chatting a bit about the origins of the Webcomic Overlook, my experiences with doing a comic in college, the Nazis, and my total and utter ignorance of the Penny Arcade Expo.

I understand this might be the first time a lot of you have ever heard my voice, so just to head off some disappointment ahead of time: I don’t have a British accent, and I don’t sound like a girl. I think.

Listen to El Santo on the Comic Dish!
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Happy Valentine’s Day! And don’t fall in love with a ninja.

Here are some Valentine’s Day strips for you to browse while you try to vainly look for a restaurant that hasn’t been fully booked for February 14.

Don’t fall in love with a ninja. They’ll only break your heart. (from Jeremy Kramer & Eric Vaughn’s Truck Bearing Kibble.)

Joe comes up with a great alternate title for “Definitely, Maybe.” (from Joe Dunn’s Joe Loves Crappy Movies.)

Love is all about feasting on blood. (from Doug Savage’s Savage Chickens.)

The Webcomic Overlook #6: Joe Loves Crappy Movies

Have you ever found yourself reading a Roger Ebert review, and found yourself thinking: “Hey, if only this guy could draw, this would make a kick-ass webcomic?” No? Then you, my friend, are a smart, well-adjusted citizen. For the rest of us who must satisfy our sick, sick craving, there is today’s subject, the little known webcomic known as Joe Loves Crappy Movies.

Joe Loves Crappy Movies

This webcomic doesn’t have a wikipedia entry, so short of venturing the online message boards, I’m going to have to play this by ear. “Joe Loves Crappy Movies” is a semi-autobiographical webcomic by Joe Dunn. According to the entry on his website, Joe is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design in New York City. (Which, incidentally, is where the webcomic is based.) In his comic, he gives himself a totally unflattering appearance, which I have no doubt is what Joe looks like in real life. I mean, who would deliberately make themselves look like a toad in their own comic strip? Other than For Better Or Worse‘s Lynn Johnston, that is. He also gives cartoon Joe a permanent smirk on his face, which isn’t as endearing as real-life Joe probably thinks it is.

Nearly every webcomic follows a different movie for the day’s theme. Some strips show Joe and a friend going to a movie and making snarky comments like you or I would do (Ultraviolet). Some are parodies of scenes within the movie (King Kong). And some are gag strips with only a tenuous connection to the movie (Herbie: Fully Loaded).
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