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Metapost: RIP Gary Gygax

I’ve never been an AD&D gamer, but I read a lot of Dragonlance novels when I was younger, and I sure played a lot of Baldur’s Gate video games.

The webcomics react:

The Order of the Stick sees Gary Gygax wandering the planes of the afterlife.

Penny Arcade does one of the best puns I’ve seen in a while.

EDIT: I’m adding two more. I’m getting some unusual traffic for people searching for Gary Gygax webcomics. I might as well post the rest to cover everything. Credit goes to both the Tad Williams’ Message Board and the forums.

Something Positive portrays a fan’s reaction to Gary’s death.

xkcd sees Gary rolling his dice in the afterlife.

Full Frontal Nerdity sees gamers playing a game in tribute.

GU Comics sees Gary being Dungeon Master from the beyond.

Finally, I break my longstanding war against LOLCats to post this.

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