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The 2008 Weblog Awards!

Man, I am so late to the game. This site is, like, belated news central, man.

Last week, the Weblog Awards opened up nominations for 2008 in several categories: Best Blog, Best New Blog, Best Political Blog (conservative and liberal), and … ta ta ta dah … Best Comic Strip! It seems to be a fairly major organization, with a half-a-million votes cast last year.

Previous winners to the fairly new Best Comic Strip category include xkcd (2007) and Least I Could Do (2006). In my opinion, there are many, many more webcomics out there that could easily win this category.

Do your part and nominate your favorite! Have your favorite webcomic share company with the likes of Instapundit (2007’s Best Individual Blogger), Gilbert Arenas (2007’s Best Celebrity Blogger), and The DailyKos (2006’s Best Blog). If anything, it’s probably legitimate validation compared to the several webcomic-related “awards” floating out there.

Finalists are expected to be announced early December.

Nominate your favorite comic strip here!

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