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Poll: What was 2012’s Webcomic of the Year?

If there were a thing such as “Webcomic of the Year” — you know, perhaps emblazoned on the cover of Time Magazine or some other archaic format — which would it be?

Would it be Axe Cop, which got its own animated series?

Would it be Hark! A Vagrant, which, despite being on semi-hiatus, managed to net its second Harvey Award?

Would it be Digger, which concluded yet won a Hugo Award?

Maybe it’s Battlepug, winner of this year’s Eisner for Best Digital Comic?

Is it Scenes From A Multiverse, winner of this year’s first ever Reuben Award given to a webcomic?

Perhaps it is The Oatmeal, which brought the internet to its knees with all the lawsuits and such?

Is it CAD, for pulling the plug, then putting another plug back in that looked slightly familiar but came in four different colors?

Or is it Order of the Stick for its ridiculously successful Kickstarter?

Maybe it’s none of these, and there’s another great webcomic in 2012 that deserves praise and accolades (or maybe jeers and snark like that one year Hitler was Time’s Man Of The Year). If so, speak up now, fellow friends, Internet Romans, and countrymen.

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