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Know Thy History: Vibe


I have a feeling that the Justice League Detroit era wouldn’t have been quite so roundly mocked if it weren’t for the fact that they were moving to Detroit. For years, the team had been opening out of a satellite from space. They consisted of an all-star super team from DC Comics, which included Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern.

And then, in 1984, it was time to shake things up. Super teams staffed with the World’s Finest was suddenly out of vogue. What was cool? Tight knit teams high on the soap opera. Teams like the uncanny X-Men, and to a lesser extent the Team Titans. Team comics were for B-list characters to shine!

So… One fateful day, Aquaman exploited a loophole in the Justice League constitution. Using his power as one of the founding members to disband the team whenever he wanted, the King Of Atlantis decided that the old Justice League of America was no more… and a new one would take its place. One that wouldn’t be based in the lofty confines of space … but rather in an abandoned warehouse in Detroit.

Incidentally, it’s later revealed that Aquaman dissolved the old Justice League because he was having problems with his wife. Yup, this incarnation of the Justice League was pretty much DOA.



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Webcomics on your smartphones, part 2


After downloading a whole mess of iPhone apps, I came to the realization that Shlock Mercenary updates every day. How do I know this? Because I left the notification on, and a little pop up shows when a new strip appears. This seems pretty unnecessary for Shlock Mercenary, which updates every day. But wouldn’t this be a great feature for webcomics that update infrequently, like Lackadaisy or The Meek?

One of the apps I use quite often, for example, is the one for the Red Letter Media video podcast. Whenever there’s something new, Mr. Plinkett pops up with a little, “Ring, ring, ring, ring.” Red Letter Media does not update all that frequently: when they get on a roll, it’s once a week, but that’s sort of the exception. So when the notification pops up, I run to their site to check it out. Sometimes its through the app, sometimes — especially when I’m out of wireless range — I go through my desktop. Point is… the notifications are really, really neat, and could possibly be a been to webcomics with infrequent update schedules.

Anyway, onto the app reviews, part 2!

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