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El Santo vs. The Vampire Women: Last Res0rt


The creatively spelled Last Res0rt is probably the oddest vampire woman-themed webcomics I’ve come across. First of all, our main character, who has the unlikely name of Jigsaw Forte, isn’t just a vampire woman … she’s a furry vampire woman. What sort of animal she represents is not apparent, though most characters here seem to be some sort of hybrid chimera. Second of all, the webcomic takes place in a science fiction setting. Finally, it’s a bout a reality show where prisoners have to fight each other for their chance at freedom. So, in summary, it’s a sci-fi/horror webcomic about a reality show starring a furry female vampire. And also sailor scouts. It’s almost like creator Rachel Keslensky put all her interests into a blender, pressed the “Puree” button, and boom, there’s Last Res0rt.

The story starts with Jigsaw applying for the position of “Executioner,” who keep the criminals in check during the game (a reality show called “Last Resort”). Cypress, a crocodile lady with pretty hair and the show’s producer, has her doubts. Jigsaw doesn’t look like much, being a member of a harmless looking species that looks like a cross between a house cat and an Ewok. The only thing she has in her favor is a guitar case, which everyone assumes contains a gun of some sort.

Cypress changes her mind, though, when she catches Jigsaw’s extreme case of red-eye. It is not, as you may expect, a result of too much chlorine in the pool, but is one of the surefire indicators of vampirism.

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