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Joy of Webcomics… YEAAAAHHHHHH


Before you pick up your guitar and play, get up on your knees and pray and check out some webcomic-related news and views:

  • MPD57 has an interview (and photo progression of a comic panel being put together) with Daniel Govar, creator of Azure for Zuda Comics. I am very much in love with the play-by-play screenshots that show how a page come together. The finished piece looks fantastic.
  • I’ve always wondered how some artists do their strips in Flash. I’m an old-schooler who does things with a pencil and a Sharpie pen, so new technology frightens and confuses me. Fortunately, Sandy Debreuil has a nifty “how-to” guide up on webcomics.com for anyone who was ever interested. While it really doesn’t matter what medium you use, as long as you can learn and improve your technique, I’ve always admired how the colors in Flash turned out so vivid and crisp.

    Plus, if you haven’t checked it out yet, their series on word balloons was pretty illuminating. Ima try that sometime.

  • Johanna Draper Carlson faces Goats at Comics Worth Reading. I disagree that it would be useless reviewing something this old. I mean, I can’t be the only one who hasn’t heard about Goats before today. Am I? I mean… why are there monkeys on the cover?
  • Ping Teo’s Webcomic Finds is now called Lonely Panel! Man, but I do love that new name. It works on so many levels: a sorta pun on a popular travel franchise, a connection to Ping’s love of travels, a connection to comics… well done, lass, well done! I have half a mind to change the name of this site myself, but the cleverest alternate name I could ever come up with was Webcomic Fruit Salad. Also, it’s possible I’m hungry. Anyway, Ping, big thumbs up on the new name.
  • The Beat mentions that it will cost $1.5 billion to renovate the San Diego Convention Center… and if the taxpayers don’t pony up the cash, San Diego Comic-Con might move from The City of the Big Zoo!
  • Also, apparently some American Captain is coming back to life. It disturbs me that my wife thought this was breaking news, and I had to tell her I knew a week ago. I pray that my voice didn’t sound dismissive and Comic-Book-Guy-like.

NOTE: I have no idea who drew the picture leading off this post, but it’s a parody of this.

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