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Election Day: Who do webcomic characters vote for?


From an interesting link on ComixTalk: Rick Marshall asks creators who their characters would vote for. Big Daddy McCain or Ready to Rumba Obama? Bruiser Biden or Palin the Impaler? (Note to readers: not actual nicknames for political candidates. I just like to imagine political figures as wrestlers. Honestly, are the political ads any different from actual wrestler promos?)

And the webcomic creators responded with … well I can’t really say the results were surprising. What are characters, after all, than avatars created with a core set of traits?

Dave Willis’ Shortpacked!, for example, had hard-nosed businessman Galasso going McCain while openly gay Ethan votes for Obama. (Fun votes come from Reagan, who is legally dead, and Ultra Car, who cannot vote because he’s a car.)

Meanwhile, David Gallaher of High Moon shows that monster-hunter Matthew Macgregor would probably be a McCain man. No surprise there either.

The most interesting respondent, by the way, has to be Rene Engstrom of Anders Loves Maria. Mostly because she hails from Sweden, and, really, can’t vote on the candidates. Still, she’s game … and has the main characters vote mostly Socialist (though Maria votes Democrat since, as Kang and Kodos would say, voting for the third party is throwing your vote away).

Anyway, check it out, and don’t forget to vote! (Already did last week, btw. Absentee ballot for the win!) Plus, don’t fogert to do your research: the most important votes you cast might be the local state representatives and treasurers. There’s no excuse nowadays. With the internet, you can dig up the 411 on the most obscure candidates!

(Update on this site, by they way: I’ll probably have a new review up soon, either this week or the next!)

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