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The Webcomic Overlook #27: Evil Inc.

In the wacky world of comic book superheroes, the supervillains are usually far more interesting than the superheroes.

Look at the respective rosters of the Justice League and the Legion of Doom. At the Hall of Justice, you have a bunch of fit, handsome do-gooders clad in tight spandex and blessed with a winning smile and perfect hair. They’re heroic, no doubt, but kinda bland. (Well, except for the Batman.) Who do we find wandering the halls of Legion HQ? There’s a genius talking ape, a purple alien with a long forehead, a lady in a kitty suit, a bald megalomaniac, and … Bizarro. Seriously, who would you rather be meeting over strawberry daquiris?

Villains almost always get the best lines, too. Dr. Doom prattles on in third person and issues grandiloquent dialogue like, “Doom commands that you kneel before him!” Unlike most top tier heroes, villains can be supremely goofy. What possessed the Riddler, for example, to rationalize that the “sea” in his latest clue was supposed to stand for “Catwoman”? “Sea,” “C,” “C for Catwoman,” get it? And villains tend to approach their work with a maniacal glee, like when Joe Quesada diabolically ended the marriage between Spider-Man and Mary Jane. (Ooohhh! Snap! Burn! Take that, Marvel Editor-in-Chief! You son-of-a- … *sob*)

And say what you will about supervillians, but they have a better record for equal opportunity employment than the good guys. Can you imagine the Superfriends admitting a chalky-white, super-strong zombie into their ranks?

Perhaps Brad Guigar harbors a similar affection for supervillians. After all, he’s the creator and artist behind Evil Inc., a webcomic about a corporation run by supervillains for supervillains.

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