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The Webcomic Overlook #25: Gunnerkrigg Court

I’m going to make a statement that will make me sound like the perviest perv that ever perved. Or at least attract several nervous sidelong glances from random strangers on the internet. (How does that work, anyway?) But I can’t help it when reviewing webcomics for this site have, time and time again, support an undeniable truth.

I like webcomics featuring young schoolgirls.

Creepy, huh? A couple of months ago, I reviewed three webcomics prominently featuring schoolgirls — Minus, Aki Alliance, and Alma Mater — and I thoroughly loved each one. What are the chances? Did each creator craft a great webcomic on their own, and the whole “schoolgirl” theme is a happy accident? Or does the schoolgirl, or the popular concept of one, tend to infuse a webcomic with a mixture of mystery, romance, and sheer nuttiness that would not be present if the cast was made up of schoolboys or adults? Is there a dynamic where readers identify the principle characters with their little sisters?

Or maybe perhaps there’s something more sinister going on here? Are webcomic readers, predominantly male, I presume, subconsciously piqued by widespread culture taboos regarding underaged girls? Can we, in any way, blame this on the Japanese?

It’s time to explore these thoughts again, because we’re plunging back into the world of pressed uniforms and knee-high skirts. (And, at the risk of making me sound more like a creepy pederast, the school uniform and the innocence it embodies is essential to the appeal of these schoolgirl comics. I doubt there would be much demand for a comic where the main characters dressed like Bratz dolls.)

Today’s Webcomic Overlook reviews a series with a unique title that keeps tripping up my spell check: Tom Siddell’s Gunnerkrigg Court. The comic has won several Webcartoonists’ Choice Awards for Oustanding Story Concept, Outstanding Use of Color, Outstanding Long Form Comic, and Outstanding Newcomer.

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